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Site Features
Free Customer Service NewsletterFree Customer Service Newsletter
Our monthly Free eNewsletter is sent out each month directly to you with information that you can implement that day to keep growing your customer service. . . . keep reading

Customer Service VideosCustomer Service Videos
Customer service training has never been easier. We are continually uploading our professional customer service video seminars up onto the site. Each video addressed a different topic to help you and your staff keep improving and retaining more and more customers. To see some of the . . . keep reading

Customer Service Audio TrainingCustomer Service Audio Training
Your customer satisfaction scores will be through the roof! Our online library of audio customer service training sessions are presented by our expert contributors. These are worth their weight in gold, providing you with invaluable tips and tricks to please your guests. You can listen to these . . . keep reading

Customer Service Training KitsCustomer Service Training Kits
This is where the rubber hits the road! Each training kit bring it all home with a powerful combination of presentations, articles, videos, and audio programs all focused on a single topic. These kits are designed around an ingenious strategy to help you win loyal customers. Each kit is . . . keep reading

Employee Manual - Template
Employee Manual - Template Employee Manual - Template. Download this word document template and fill in your individual company information to use while training your employees on the art of providing five star customer service. . . . keep reading
VIDEO: Defining Your Business, the Who, What, & Why
VIDEO: Defining Your Business, the Who, What, & Why Customer service starts with defining what your business stands for. Training employees to know the who what and why of the business will help companies project the right image, an image of confidence and professionalism. . . . keep reading
ARTICLE: The Wow Moment
ARTICLE: The Wow Moment Every business has the ability to offer service touches that will upgrade their image. That extra something special that turns a regular meal into a "WOW" performance. Something the customer can only get from visiting that business. Something that will take it to the next level. . . . keep reading
AUDIO TRAINING: Customer Feedback
AUDIO TRAINING: Customer Feedback Customer Feedback can make or break a business. If you have a product or service that is just amazing, you need to know that they love it so you can promote it even more. Conversely, if you have an area that needs help, if no one tells you, how will you know? Learn how to get customer feedback with this AUDIO training session. . . . keep reading
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